Here at Downtown Creative Studios, we fully support our students to undertake their formal exams through Rockschool and/or AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board).

Downtown Creative Studios do not automatically enter students into any exams.  The responsibility for enrolment, payment and organisation lies with the parent/guardian. We are here to support and guide you through the process, ensuring a positive and enriching experience for your child’s musical journey. 

AMEB offers resources and examinations for everything from piano, keys, guitar (bass, electric), vocals, theory, drums, percussion, saxophone, flute… and the list goes on! Basically, if there’s an instrument that our teachers teach, there’s an exam for it, and levels for each student to grow their skill and talent! Performance-based subjects also include: performance, musical theatre, drama and production, speech and performance, voice and communication, screen acting and more.

Further to their practical exams, AMEB also offers a wide range of theory subjects and grades in musicianship, music craft, theory of music and music production.

Rockschool (Through AMEB) offers some of the most popular exam choices, and covers everything from Music Production, Electric or Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano, Keys, Vocals, Band and Popular music theory. 

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