3 Signs Your Child Could Benefit From Singing Lessons


We’re all looking for ways to help our child grow, and at Downtown Creative Studios, we believe music is one of the best ways to do that. If you’re wondering if singing lessons might be right for your little one, here are the top three signs it might be time to get them started.


  1. They give you karaoke championship performances at home


In the shower, walking around the house, watching their favourite movie or on the drive to school they just don’t want to stop speaking and singing!


I (Kathleen) was once like this … and let’s be honest … I am still like this! Every and any opportunity can become a musical theatre experience. Our creative and loud children just love to enjoy using their voice in imaginative ways. But we do want to help them direct this energy and creativity into something productive and make sure they keep their voices nice and healthy for life. Screaming and yelling can lead to very serious vocal problems down the track (e.g. the dreaded vocal nodules) so singing lessons can be a simple and easy way to make sure your child’s vocal health is being nurtured.


We can’t guarantee that the karaoke championships will ever stop but they will become a lot easier and enjoyable to listen to!


  1. They’re shy or have low confidence


Does your child struggle to ask questions in class, make friends or speak up for themselves? Learning how to sing with a supportive and creative teacher motivating them and cheering them on all the way is a serious confidence booster. Some kids find it hard to express themselves and learning to sing will help them find their voice.


Private singing lessons gives teachers the ability to hone in on what your child is finding challenging. Whether it be articulation, the ability to find the right words, engaging with their emotion or voice projection, they will have fun while learning lifelong skills they will be able to use in every situation.



  1. Your child is a born Leader

It’s true: all creatives have a bossy streak! Singing lessons let it shine in their singing and not at home with their siblings. Discipline and routine will be amazing for their self-confidence as well. When a student works hard in lessons and prepares a song for a performance, they are learning discipline, time management and accountability.



Each lesson, children learn new, challenging and exciting information about their voice. One-on-one singing lessons leave no room for a child to hide from not practicing or getting away with only doing things their way. Our teachers will direct their confidence into their songs and teach them the right and wrong ways to use different techniques.


Our confident leaders need a place to shine, and the stage is the place to do it. Getting up in front of a crowd is truly something to be admired as it can be scary. Working hard towards a public performance will be the push that our kids need to get their ‘look at me’ fix in a positive and exciting way. Whether they want to sing classical, folk, rock, pop, musical theatre or anything else, their leadership will shine through on stage and their bossy side will be redirected into a positive and productive direction.



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